Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Meet Josefina

Chapter One: Primroses
Josefina and her sisters have each taken on new roles since their mother died. Ana is the “mother”, Fransesca is the “beauty”, Clara is the practical one, and Josefina is the baby. What are your roles in your family?

This is the first book to include the death of a parent. Have you lost someone close to you? Can you relate to Josefina? What would you add?

Chapter Two: Abuelito’s Surprise
Do you have a relative that comes to visit? How often?

Can you play an instrument?

What do you like about music?

Chapter Three: A Gift for Tia Dolores
Listen to some recordings of Fandango music. Could you sit still?

When have you found courage?

Chapter Four: Josefina’s Idea
Which picture is your favorite?

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