Sunday, May 6, 2007

Felicity Learns a Lesson

Questions to Discuss

Chapter One: Apple Butter Day
Why did Felicity climb the roof?

Have you seen the flower inside an apple? Take an apple apart and examine it.

Have you tasted apple butter? If you can, visit a Farmer's Market and purchase some. It's great on toast!

Felicity's family enjoys evenings in the parlor together. What does your family do to relax together?

How did you learn to read? Who taught you?

Felicity wants to attend college. What do you want to be when you grow up?

What classes do you take in school? Would you like to learn dancing, handwriting, and serving tea, like Felicity?

What do you think of your teacher?

Chapter Two: Loose Tooth Tea
Have you ever done something you really didn't want to, just to see your parents pleased expressions?

How is Public Times similar to cities today?

Felicity's father was unhappy with the price of tea. Is there any price your parents are unhappy to pay? What do they do about it?

Do you have a nickname you don't like? Have you ever given someone a nickname they didn't like?

What are ways people can be polite today? Is it important to be polite?

How did you lose your first tooth? Have you ever lost a tooth somewhere embarassing?

Have you dealt with someone you'd rather not? What did you do?

Why is it important to be polite, even when others are rude?

Chapter Three: Tea in the River
Do you like your handwriting?

Why did the colonists throw the tea into the river?

Do you have an older sibling with a crush? Do they act like Annabelle does with Ben?

Felicity struggled with what her father believed, and what Annabelle was telling her. Have you ever been unsure about a situation? What did you do?

What effect did the "Boston Tea Party" have? How did this one act impact all of society?

Chapter Four: Bananabelle
Have you seen a wig? Read about why men and women wore wigs in Felicity's time. Try on a wig, if you can.

Do you have a bossy older sibling like Annabelle? How did you handle it? What should Elizabeth do?

Do any of Mr. Merriman's comments apply today?
Chapter Five: A Bright Red Cardinal Bird

Chapter 5:
Do you know anyone who has had a hard time standing up for herself?

Can you relate to Felicity's anger with Elizabeth?

Is it wrong to let someone say mean things without stepping up?

Have you ever not wanted to go to school? What happened?

How did Elizabeth feel about Felicity?

How have you mended friendships?

Looking Back
Where do you go to school? Who goes with you?

Where do you want to go to college?

Do girls still need to run a household?

How are your chores divided?

Can you stitch or sew?

What is your local newspaper like?

Disloyal: Unfaithful
Hot-heads: Foolish
Ninny: A silly person

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