Sunday, May 6, 2007

Meet Felicity

Questions to Discuss
These questions are for you to discuss with your daughter as you read the books together, or as she reads the books alone. These are just meant to be a starting point for further discussion.

Chapter One: Merriman's Store
Is Felicity's Father's store like the stores you visit? How is it different? How is it similar?

Felicity hates doing anything inside. Are there any chores you don't like to do?

How do you protect your skin in the summer? Would you prefer that, or wearing a straw hat like Felicity?

What do you think of the way Felicity and her friends speak? Which do you prefer, the way they speak, or the way we speak today?

Should Felicity try to see Mr. Nye's horse? Is that a good or bad idea?

Chapter Two: Penny
Felicity struggles with concentrating on her penmanship. Do you struggle with anything in school? Can you relate to Felicity's wandering imagination?

Felicity hates having to wear her summer hat. Is there anything you don't like to wear?

How is Felicity's neighborhood like yours? How is it different?

What do you think of the way Jiggy Nye treats Penny?

What do you think about what Felicity said to Jiggy Nye?

Chapter Three: Jiggy Nye's Threat
Is there anything your brother or sister can do better than you? Is there anything you are better at than them?

What do you do on rainy days?

Mrs. Merriman says "Haste makes waste". Do you think that still applies today?

Do your brother or sister follow you when you want to be alone?

How are your squabbles with your brothers' and sisters like Felicity's? How are they different?

How did Jiggy Nye react to Felicity's visit?

What was the family's reaction when Will told them about the visit?

Chapter Four: Ben's Promise
Should Felicity have snuk out of the house? What was dangerous about it?

Why is it important to obey our parents?

Felicity had to lie to her mother about where she was. If she had to lie about it, do you think it was wrong?

Should you borrow things without asking?

Do you wear dresses? Is there anything you can't do in a dress?

How would you feel if someone borrowed your clothes without asking?

Penny helped Felicity slow down, and learn patience. Is there anything you need to improve? How can you work on that behavior?

How did sharing the secret change Ben? Do you think he just needed a friend? How would you like to leave your family and friends just to learn a trade?

Chapter Five: Independence
Do you have a good luck charm?

What lessons did Felicity learn?

A Peek Into The Past
How are the clothes in Felicity's time different from the clothes today?

Do you like the way Felicity dresses?

How does your family eat dinner?

Do you eat any of the foods listed in the book?

Have you been to Colonial Williamsburg? What was it like? Did you like it? What was your favorite part?
If you haven't been, do you want to go? What do you hope to see there?

What was your favorite illustration in the book? What do you like about it?

How are you and Felicity similar? How are you different?

Vocabulary Words
Apprentice: One learning a trade under the charge of a craftsman
Chit: A bill, usually for a small amount; a marker
Colony: A government settlement for exploration
Independence: Freedom
Miffed: To be annoyed
Nag: One given to complaining
Ruffians: A hoodlum
Stays: "Stays" is another word for corset.

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